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Innovation. Integrity. Quality.

Here at Bright Star Stainless Steel, we do things a little differently. Combining years of professional expertise, a dedication to hard work, and a commitment to innovation, we’ve established ourselves as a local leader in Kansas City . When people hear the name Bright Star Stainless Steel, they hear quality. They hear integrity. They hear proven results, top-tier service, and outstanding products. We put our hearts into everything we do. It’s this authenticity that, day in day out, drives us to improve our services. And it’s this authenticity that has helped us build lasting relationships in Kansas City and beyond.


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Bright Star Stainless Steel provides cabinets, countertops and kitchens, both indoor and outdoor kitchens, anywhere in the United States including Alaska, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands. All of our stainless steel jobs are uniquely fabricated to fit our customers’ specific project needs. Whatever your stainless steel requirements we are here to help and to provide customized stainless steel pieces that fit your job requirements, design specs and expectations. We are pleased you have come to visit our website. Please contact us with questions in regard to any stainless steel project you may be considering.


The Bright Star Stainless Steel management team is very knowledgeable, and we offer our resources, service and years of experience to ensure that your stainless steel project is planned, executed, fabricated and delivered for success. We provide three-dimensional renderings similar to CAD layout drawings for all stainless steel projects whether the job is a simple stainless steel island or a full stainless steel outdoor kitchen with burners, grills, smokers, warmers and electrical and plumbing connections. Your job will be meticulously detailed in our renderings in order to show you the layout, the view from each angle and the dimensions for each piece and section.