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Bright Star Stainless Steel

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Our stainless steel countertops are made from Type 304 brushed 14 gauge stainless steel to ensure solid-durable structural integrity of the work surface that receives the most use, pressure, weight, spills and cleaning. All countertops are custom made to order and can have any number of features: 3-dimensional back splash (standard 4” with 1” return to the wall), flat turn up for a back splash that is flush to the wall, integral sinks (single, double, triple, etc.), drain holes, faucet holes and built in “drain boards”. The size and features are up to our customers but we are happy to provide design assistance if desired.

We fabricate each piece individually depending on the design and space constraints and are able to weld together large countertops over 12’ in length seamlessly. The only real constraint on our countertop lengths is the size of a semi-truck’s capacity for transport less a few inches for our protective shipping crates. NOTE: Type 316 stainless steel countertops are available if required.

Edge Options

Standard stainless steel countertop edges are made to be 1 9/16” thick making the countertop look solid and thick. However, decreased and increased edge sizes are available if required as well. Countertop edge options:

  • A 90 degree turn down creating a straight “eased” edge style
  • The marine “bump up” edge style which is widely used to keep water and spills from falling off of the countertop
  • A bullnose edge which is a fully rounded top and bottom.

Integral Sinks

All stainless steel sinks are made integral to our countertops which is similar to an under mount sink as seen with stone countertops but is far better because the sink looks as though it is a continuation of the countertop material with an invisible seam. Sinks are actually welded in place and then the stainless steel material is polished to create a seamless look and feel. Integral sinks are seamless, smooth and wonderful for keeping your countertops clean.